Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cub Scout Banquet

Tonight after a full day of basketball and derby racing, we had the 100th Birthday Party for Boys Scout of America.  There was a cake decorating contest and of course, I had to enter or rather enter Buddy.
Its hard to tell in this pic, but the 100 is actually made out of cake too. 
I don't know if I got any votes, but the winning cakes were awesome scenes from cub scout camps with trees and lakes.  Buddy's best friend's cake won 1st place.  It had a lake in the middle of it made out of blue jello.  It was really cool.   The dinner was also yummy for a cheap $6 and the boys had a really good time.  Much to our surprise, they handed out awards for the derby races.  We had no idea they were doing this, so we were really happy we went. 
The pic is too blurry, but he was soooooo excited.
The Man was really wanting to take the trophey to work but he thought better of it.  But he was on cloud nine about placing their rookie year.  Hobby Lobby has shadow boxes and display cases on sell this week 50% off, so I'll be heading over there one day this week to find a dome of some sort of place over the winning car. Woo-Hoo!

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