Sunday, February 7, 2010

LG's Art Project

LG had homework this weekend. 
If you don't know, homework for a 4 yr old is a BIG deal and not only was it homework but a family art project for Valentines Day.

So before we headed out the door to a superbowl party, we all took turns helping LG with his project.  Our 'handy' work is on the opposite side, but each of us traced our hands in cool paper and pasted them on.  This side is the side, he did all by his self with some stickers I made.
He was very proud of his heart that will be displayed in his classroom, but we are not so proud of some extra scissor cutting he did when no one was looking.

My goodwill 50 cents orange tablecloth that just so happens to be my favorite now has fringe down one side.  Thanks, LG!

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  1. That's pretty funny! Sorry about the table cloth though!!