Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Buddy!

He is 7! SEVEN!
He came into my room early this morning and crawled into bed. "Hey Mommy, do you know what today is?" he asks.   Ah, Buddy how could I possiblity forget.
We had to get up and out extra early to pick up the donuts I'd ordered for his birthday snack at school.  He was pretty excited for it to be his birthday and on Marti Gras of all days. 
Putting his backpack up at school.

At his desk.

After school, he had a friend who also had a birthday today, come home with us.  Buddy immediately goes to the mailbox and luckily, all the cards from KY made it today.  As he opening card after card, his friend was like wow.

I had to explain to his friend that all his family lives far away so he gets alot of mail. 
Once the Man got home we headed to the big fantasy pizza place - a glorified chuck e cheese. 
I got online and found some deals and coupons.  Once we arrived they let the birthday boys spin a big wheel for an extra $5 game card. woo-hoo!

Eating Pizza and being goofy.  He got a phone call from Nana and Mamaw while we were eating. I really think his friend was amazed. 

all day long, LG asked M.E. to play putt-putt, so he was beside himself to play not once but twice.

The Man is just as funny as the kids, he has to have his own card with money, so he can play games.  But he was nice enough to share his games and activities.

Buddy played this basketball game like 10 times in a row.  It was pretty nice being here on a Tuesday night, there weren't any lines.

LG cried to play this video game Star Wars, that he really couldn't even play right because he was so short, but we decided to let him have at it.  He did three times over.

Finally it was time to count our tickets and get out of this place.  Buddy wound up with 202 tickets, LG with 189 and the Man 154.  Let's just say the Man was a little disappointed. 

M.E. and the Boys as we were leaving.

Happy Birthday, Buddy!
I hope it was wonderful.

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