Monday, February 15, 2010

Its definitly different having all the boys home - including the Man today.

But he managed to get up and out and went shopping for the Buddy's birthday.  And of course, there was no surprise, no waiting nor wrapping, he just came home and said Happy Birthday Buddy, check it out. 
Buddy got a new baseball ball return net from Grandpa and Nana - much needed and the Man got him a new baseball bat and glove.  They immediately headed down to the sunroom for some practice. 
They used a wiffle ball indoors, so hopefully no windows would get broken.
Swing and a miss.

LG and M.E. cheer him on.

Later on, Buddy decided he wanted to go on a date with M.E. and I wanted to do some shopping for maternity jeans, so off to the big mall we go.  It was packed with all the kids being out of school. Madnesses.  First things first we headed to chik-fil-a, even though we weren't really that hungry, but when its available we can't pass it up.  Then it was off to find the GAP.  I've been to this mall a total of four times since moving to OK, so I have no idea where anything is. We find it and its a zoo.  I'd been researching online for good maternity jeans, I just need one really nice pair and I'd determined that GAP would be worth the money if I ordered online, but I wanted to try them on in the store first. The current jeans I have, just aren't cutting it now that I'm huge.   Also, Buddy blew the knee out of yet another pair of school pants yesterday after church, so he's down to three pairs, so I thought I'd check those out. 

Well, let's just say, I totally score and am so lucky.  Buddy's school pants were on sale 2 for $39, this is cheap for the GAP, but because it was president's day everything in the store was also 40% off.   I wound up only paying $11.85 for GAP school pants.  Can't beleive.  I really love their pants too because they wash well, have adjustable waist, and hook closure, but the price has always kept M.E. from getting them.  I must make note of this for next year.  In the maternity section, the girl was so super helpful. I was very pleased with the service considering the place was packed, but I guess she knew I needed it.  Anyhow, I found a great pair of jeans, that I think will stay in place with all the moving & shaking I do (read: housecleaning).  And they were 40% off as well, so it was worth it just to buy them in the store rather than online.  I totally rocked that sale.

Back at home, we had chili cheese nachos for supper and I headed off to a PTO meeting that ran alittle long and to my amazement, the Man had both boys asleep when I got home, so it was so relaxing to chat and watch the Olympics with him.  We reminised about this day and night 7 years ago and how we had know idea what was going to happen once the Buddy finally got cut out of M.E. at 12:12 AM.  Its amazing really.

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