Saturday, February 13, 2010

Last Game of the Season

We got up bright and early this morning to make out last game at 8AM. We are somewhat relieved for the season to wrap up considering we've only won one basketball game, Buddy thinks we won two. I was very bad about keeping up with his stats this year.

Although today was a gold star day for Buddy.
He was all over the place and managed to get many, many rebounds and after a couple of missed shots calmed down and thought more about his selections.

He wound up with 10 points on the day, but it just wasn't enought as we lost 18-15.  There was several lead changes and it was really exciting.  Both teams were pretty aggressive and if nothing else our boys were scrappers, diving and fighting for every loose ball. 

 I think Buddy really loves basketball and look forward to another season, hopefully with a different coach. LOL!  Baseball it just around the corner and the Man is very excited.

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