Friday, February 12, 2010

No School Today

This begins are big four day weekend and with the Man out-of-town until tonight, we're not going anywhere but hanging out at home.  After some dicussion with the boys and the Man, I agreed to let LG spend the last bit of his birthday money on a new game for the Wii.  He knew exactly what he wanted. Star Wars Lego.  So off to walmart we got for some groceries and birthday presents for the big party tomorrow.

But first a stop by the carwash to get all that nasty salt and sand removed.  I took some pics and I was pleasantly surprise how well they turned out - consider I just held the camera over my shoulder and clicked.   The boys love, love, love the car wash.
I really like how Buddy gets so excited and he has already nicknames the different parts of the wash, the tornado, the squid, the wind. Its so funny.
Later at Walmart, we discovered that there Star Wars games are very expensive and out of LG's price range. But Buddy said he knew they were much cheaper at the game store.  He said to trust him.
So off to the game store we go.

What a selection!  And of course, Buddy was right, they had the game LG wanted for $19.99.

Here's LG with his selection and money ready.  He was awesome at checking out.  Buddy was trying so hard not to take over as LG counted his money. And I know the people behind us were getting impatience, but I thought it important for LG to do this, as he talked about it all day and was so excited for it to be all his.

Back at home they immediately begin playing and I managed to check this shot of them completing there very first level.

How great is that!  Later in the evening, Buddy and I would dual the bad guys for several hours. It was completely addicting trying to find our way through the scenes. 
Then we turned it off to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics.  It was so awesome, we watched it so long we were late picking the Man up at the airport. Oops! 

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  1. Thanks for letting him count his money out to buy the game! That builds those math skills!! LOVE the last pic of the boys hugging...brotherly love.