Sunday, February 21, 2010

LG went to a party!

It rained all day today and it just made us all want to snuggle and be cozy - which we did for the majority of the day. 
Buddy and I finally ventured out to go to Micheals for some sticker for his birthday thank you notes and we went by the game store to look at spending his birthday money.  He decided to wait on buying a game.  *Note - I didn't buy anything at Micheals. I was very proud of myself.

Later on, it was time for LG to go to the big birthday party of one of his classmates.  He was so excited about this - LG LOVES PARTIES!  It was at a bouncey place with lots of inflatiables, jumpy things.  I never managed to get a good pic of him coming down the slide, he was too fast, but he had a blast.

He would later get himself tangled up in a rope jungle gym thingy and have to be rescued by the birtday boys dad.  He was really tangled up and was starting to panic when we realized the situation. He was not hurt or anything, just scared, but even that didn't last long.

Here he is awaiting his piece of cake, with his root beer.

I can't get over how big he is. 
LG and the birthday boy!
LGs classmates at the party.
Too fun!
LG fell asleep on the way home and wound up sleeping the entire night through. 14+ hours. wow!
The Man and Buddy spent their evening at the $1 movies and watched Planet 51.  Buddy was so excited about his date with the Man, he's talked about it alot in the last couple of days.
Makes M.E. happy!

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