Sunday, February 21, 2010

Points of Interest from Last Week!

After talking with Mamaw tonight, I realized I neglected to post the about my last doctors visit (which was Thursday).

Baby Dr. Appt - All's well with the babe!  Blood work came back normal, blood pressure is good, and I'm gaining weight with the best of them.  My doctor and midwife (I alternate between the two) are both very pleased and considering my pregnancies with the boys are most likely going to let M.E. go into labor on my own anytime after 37 weeks, which I'll be on April 9, so anytime after that - although I'm not offically due until the 30th.  woo-hoo!  I'm very excited about this possiblity. I just want to know the babe is ready and let its birth date be out of our control.
Btw, I've gained 37 pounds, I didn't weight this much in Buddy pregnancy until about 34 weeks, so I'm looking to break his record of gaining 60+ lbs.  With LG, I was too busy to write anything down, so I've no idea where I was or what was going on with that pregnancy. Its mostly a blur.

After the doctors appt. LG and I went to Barnes&Noble. LG loves this place and calls it the 'library', sad I know. We had to get a present for one of his little friends birthday and I quickly went to the scrapbook/craft section and grabbed a handful of books to browse while he played at the train table.  And it was inevitable that I found a book that I loved and just had to have. 

The Crafter's Devotional by Barbara R. Call

LOVE THIS BOOK!  Its not about scrapbooking and the author is not young & hip, (sorry but she's not), but the messages and the exercises are thought provoking, which is the whole point of the book - to be a start point to jump start inspiration and get you creating ART.  I'm only 80 pages in and I'm really enjoying it.  The Man recognized that I was reading a new book, but didn't complain about M.E. spending his money.  I have not spent any money on scrapbooking supplies in awhile and I'll have this book forever.  FOREVER!

Thursday night, the Buddy and I went to a special high school version of our church youth group that I volunteer at regularly.  It was the first time for him to get to hang out in the 'lounge' with the big kids.  (normally he plays in the gym or goes to childcare) He was beside himself watching the big kids play the wii and pool and listen to their intellectual conversations about book, movies and music.  It was fun for M.E. too as I got to spent some quality one-on-one time with him.  We even played an exciting game of air hockey complete with lots of laughs. Buddy won!

I don't know if I've mentioned this but we have a Moms group at church for Moms of Preschoolers and we meet once a month and naturally I'm the coordinator this year, so I got the wise idea of having a date night for the moms and their hubbies, and tonight was the night. I was sooooo excited.

The Man even spruced up for the occasion and the boys helped.  Love these pictures so much.
The Man is brave!
Buddy's turn!
The Man is cool and they know it.
For the first time, they actually look alot alike in this picture.  Normally I don't think they look much alike, but here they do. 

Later on - you know you've got a good babysitter, when the boys stand, sit, & jump on the curb waiting for her to get here to play the new Star Wars lego game on the wii.  Yeah, she is pretty cool.

I'd love to know what they are talking about out there.

Unfortunately once we got to the restaurant, I totally forgot about pictures and socialized up a storm.  We had a fabulous time and after dinner, the Man and I headed to a local pottery shop to paint some pottery.  Awesome!

This was our first Saturday in months that we didn't have any engagments.
The entire family stayed in their pajamas and we didn't leave the house.  I think Buddy went outside to play ball a couple of times, but other than that we laid around, watched the Olympics and played games.  Buddy beat the Man in cribbage again!

I did manage to take this pic of my banana pudding cups I made for dessert.

They were yummy!

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