Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Many apologies for being out-of-touch for the last two weeks, but I've just not got it all together.   However, I have found the camera I want online and will be ordering it on Friday. YEAH! I'm so excited. Its a fancy one with lots of cool feature, so look out, I may just get some great shots, making next year's photo of the year contest even harder.

We (I mean M.E.) have been super busy around here, I rarely get to sit down. Even though I need to.
Recapping today (I don't have pics)..... It was hat day at school for Buddy, who isn't really into hats much so I seriously doubt it stayed on his head very long.  LG threw a big fit to have a hat too, but when it came time for him to go to preschool, he decided that hats were for big kids, not little kids. Go figure. After dropping him off I quickly headed to the local bowling alley to get the big birthday party planned.   Buddy will be seven in 13 days. Scarey I know! And he will be sharing his party with four other boys in his classroom who all have birthdays within 3 weeks of each other and one shares Buddy's date.  Its so much easier for the Moms of the birthday kids and guest to not have 5 parties, but one big one. And we can divide the cost 5 ways. AWESOME!  I'm running logistic this year.
Then I was off to the doctor's office, where I could not find a parking place. And I'd seriously like to know why people feel the need to double park. It really makes me angry, when at 28 weeks pregnant I have to park on the third floor of a parking structure (I really don't like parking structures, but that's another story) and hike in the cold because people can't take the time to park correctly in one spot. ugh!  As I'm 10 minutes late for my appointment, I'm still out of breathe from practically running (my doctor doesn't like tardiness, if you are late, they make you wait forever.....) I explain to the nurse why I'm late, out-of-breathe and frankly just frazzled.  Then she let M.E. know that its all due to the huge piles of snow all over the city.  They really reduce the number of parking spaces, thus parking becomes an issue.  Makes complete sense, but I don't like parking structures or being late and the snows not going anywhere anytime soon, we are expecting more.
After a quick visit with the midwife, I have to go down and drink that yucky orange drink for my glucose screening and wait an hour for my blood to be drawn, then back to the doctors office for my rhogam shot. ugh! By the time, I got out of there, I was starving. oh and by the way, I'm up a total 28 pounds for the pregnancy and I'll be 28 weeks Friday, looks like exceed the 35 mark and be well on my way to matching Buddy's 60 pound gain.   oh well! 
Back at home, I discover that my printer is low on colored ink and I can't print the birthday invitation that I need too. ugh.  So off to Walmart to get ink and let M.E. tell you something I discovered there.
If I had purchased the combo pack of color and black ink for my printer it would have been $58, but by buying the color cartridge $18 and one black cartridge $21, I'd save like $20. what's up with that?   Makes no sense to M.E. at all.
Back at home, I print the invites and get them ready to take to school and deliver at pick up.  Get the Little Guy, who has a major issue transitioning from nap to classroom to going-home.  Its a whining cry fest most days, but today wasn't too bad. 
Then we headed to the gas station, I was seriously about to run out of gas.  Then to Salvation Army to find Buddy a tie for Crazy Tie Day tomorrow.  Nothing like waiting until near the last minute.  Probably two weeks ago or three, Buddy went with M.E. to Walmart and got some iron-on decals to decorate this tie, but today, I couldn't not find them anywhere.  So while I was at Walmart getting ink, I bought replacements.  I dispise loosing things. I'm not even sure I ever got home with them, but anyhow, he found this really cool old tie for M.E. to put the decals one.
Back home, I cut it down to his size and sewed the decals on.  The tie was silk and I was really nervous about trying to iron something on it.  So now, I'm exhausted.  I'm just sat down for real and realized I have no meat in the house to cook for supper other than some frozen ham, duck or fish.  I'm not thrilled with any choice and its too late to really defrost any of it.   Therefore it will be leftovers with Mac 'n Cheese. Gotta love it.
Speaking of food, the Buddy is super excited as tonight, he'll get to stay up late and watch the Man vs. Food Live show.  Its on the Travel Channel and comes on at 8 (his normal bed time) but he and we all love, love, love this show and tonights the first time it will be Live, so we are really excited. The Man even put it on my outlook calendar so we wouldn't miss it. Check it out it you've got nothing to watch.

Well, that's today and there's so much other stuff that's been going on each day.  I'll try to recap when I can. Probably after I get my new camera. hee-hee. I'm so excited about it.

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