Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday of Pictures!

So we got up and headed to church this morning, but I wasn't feeling so good. Actually I was feeling quite hot.  About half way through I became so hot, I broke out in a cold sweat and was very dizzy, so I had the Man take M.E. outside for some fresh air and it was about 35 degrees, so it felt great.  He said I was white as a ghost and I did really feel faint.  So we gathered the boys and headed straight home, where I drank about a gallon of water and laid on the couch.

We proceeded to watch the Olympics for most of the day and play Star Wars legos on the Wii.  It has been the center of attention since we got it. Its so crazy how the boys love it.

After their morning session and after lunch, the Man unpacked his suitcase and distributed all the cool stuff he got us at the Land Fair.  Lots of freebies and give-aways. Love Free Stuff.

He got the boys some blow up dinosaurs from the Sinclair booth.
Amoung lots of other stuff, like this light up yo-yo.

The boys also got beach balls, light up ink pens, bouncing balls and these cool compasses - that LG is modeling.  Both boys were thrilled with these and wore them all day. 

It was almost like Christmas. And of course, the Man got M.E. some free loot.
Pens, chip clips, magnets, tape measure, letter opener, and some cool straight edges, I can use in scrapbooking.  He had lots of fun going through his bag, we all liked it too.

After the new wore off of the dinosaurs and beach balls, the boys settled down to watch some Olympic skiing.  LG really got into the spirit of things and was helping out his guy from home.

Ski, LG, Ski!

Later Buddy got into his birthday presents from his party and the Man opened these disc shooter things and I told them I didn't want those disc all over the house, so they were confined to their room.  So here they are one on each of their beds trying to shot each other with the discs.  It was so nice hearing them laugh and giggle at each other.

After the war games, the Man decides its time to go to the grocery for supper supplies.  He always tends to need things from the Whole Food store when he is cooking supper.   Buddy rides along with him and they return with .................

Happy Valentines to M.E. 
I was so surprised.  We ususally don't do too much for the day and we actually had both forgotten about it until time for church this morning.  I must admit, that they are the prettiest roses I've seen in a long time.  Buddy was so proud, he had picked them out!

While putting the groceries away, the Man discovered one of the Buddy's new ink pens in the frig.
How funny is that!  He was likely sneaking a piece of pineapple, but needed two hands to open the container.

After supper of yummy pork chops, mashed potatoes, peas and califlower, the boys loaded up on the Man for some much needed loving.  They are too funny when they get in this mode.
We finished the day with some more Olympics on tv and then to bed.
Happy Valentines Day!

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