Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

1.  For the record, I do know how to spell baby, B-A-B-Y.  I just prefer to call the fetus in my womb babe, B-A-B-E.  The Man actually thought my spelling was that bad.

2.  I think the Babe has been trying some I-think-I-can gymnastics maneuver.   For the majority of this pregnancy it has been pretty much laying sideways, head on my left side, feet kicking and poking M.E. in the right. However night before last, yesterday and even today, I'm feeling it kicking & poking all over. Its too early to getting head down, but I think it's trying something.

3.  Who is this kid?
I love his goofiness and encourage it often. 

4.  One of our neighbors and I'm not sure which one has gotten a new big dog or is dog sitting, a big dog.  I know this because at random points throughout the day and night, there is continous, annoying barking.  A hazard of town life, your neighbors are too close. 

5. Yesterday was pajama day for LG. 

He was a little excited and a little anixous.   When we arrived at school and he took one look at his teacher, who was wearing a 'christmas story' inspired pink bunny sleeper complete with a cotton tail, he quickly decided he didn't want to be at school with such crazy people, nor did he want them looking at him in his pajamas.  It took M.E. nearly 45 minutes to get him engaged in an activity so I could leave.  At pick up, they said he was fine and thought he enjoyed the day after the strangness wore off. Go figure!

6.  I do not understand why the city or state decide to work on two major, parallel and adjacent streets at the same time.  Leaving my neighbor to go south I've got construction on both the streets east and west.  It took M.E. way too long to get to Walmart and back yesterday.

7.  The library books I inter-library-loaned are waiting for M.E. at the library. woo-hoo. I love it when I get those emails.

8.  Buddy won two Olympics metals.
The gold is for Men's Snowboarding and the silver for Men's hockey.  I asked how the weather was in Vancouver and he informed M.E. it was just pretend.  He was very proud anyhow and proceed to make up events last night for the Man, M.E. and LG to win.  For some reason the Man always won the gold.  Also, I must google the meanings behind the ring colors.  The Man thought they represent the continents, but um.. there are 6 participating continents not 5 and I think they represent morals like unity, peace, love, etc.  I'll let you know what I find out.

9.  Trophy Night for Basketball.
I manage one and only one picture of this event.   But hey it turned out pretty good.  

10.  This morning I got an email that my camera had been shipped, then lo and behold, when the Man opened the front door to go to work, there it sat on the porch.  It was likely there all night.  It wasn't scheduled to be here until Monday. so woo-hoo.

Now I just have to figure out how to use the thing. 

11.  According to wikipedia - the five Olympic rings represent the five (inhabited) continents of the world: Africa, America (north and south being one), Asia, Europe and Oceania (including Australia).  Dang, the Man was right.  Let the record show I did admit he was right and that this is a very rare, very rare moment in the history of my blog.

12. Now LG and I are off to meet said, Right Man for lunch - where I'm sure there will be much gloating.

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  1. Ooooooh nice camera! - Chris L