Wednesday, February 24, 2010

a Week in the Life Project

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I'm so inspired by everything, I want to do a thousand project but can't.  I had really hoped to do another daily month book (like Christmas), but settled on doing a Week in the Life project which would capture the week leading up to Buddy's birthday and I'm happy to report that all but the last page is finished. I'm super excited.

I'm not a big event scrapbooker, more of a moment, daily life type gal, so this fit M.E. perfect + it captured an event at large - a birthday.  I plan on doing one each week for all of our birthdays this year and calling it the birthday album of sorts. well, I think this might be the plan. 

So here goes....

a Week in the Life - Feb 2010 - Buddy's Birthday
Opening Page
I punched circles from the scraps pieces of photos from the week.  I used the computer for my main page design each day, just changed the journaling, added the photo, title and stamps.

Day 1 - Thursday
Each day has a enlarged 5x7 photo from the day and the journaling is almost one big long run-on sentence about what we did today.  I wrote the journal to Buddy from M.E.  So it reads like a letter.

Day 1 - facing page
Here I used a baseball card holder and filled the pockets with pictures from the day, note cards (which are currently blank), and other snippets of our lives.

Day 1 - continued (this is the back of previous page)
Here I added some of Buddy's favorite valentines that he received from his friends.  It'll be cool to look back just in a few years to see what was popular with the 1st grade crowd and also that we weren't the only ones who made homemade ones.

Facing page -filler

To make the album flow better with two page spreads, I needed some filler and what better filler than from Buddy's backpack.  It captures his creativity and here his coloring skills.

Day 2 - Friday

Sorry this pic is blurry, some did great, some did not.  Its not the camera either, it was M.E.  So here we have the second day of the week with some journaling about our day of from school.  Alot of the journaling for this project came straight from the blog.  Love it.

Day 2 - facing page

Here I've got all kinds of pictures from the day, the reciept from where LG bought Star Wars Lego the game and because it was the first day of the Olympics and that's a big deal, I downloaded the icon from the internet and printed it out. Its not top quality, but at least its a visual representation that I'm sure Buddy will always remember.

Day 3 - Saturday

Because I'm using the back of the previous page, this spread flows from right to left, but it works.  Here I include more reciepts from Buddy's party and a piece of a lego box that one of his presents was in - just because he loved it.

Day 3 - facing page

The birthday boys and journaling. I had to tweak this layout a bit for the portrait orientation of the photo. If I'd planned alittle better I would have had it printed landscape, but oh well.

Day 4 - Sunday
filler page displaying Buddy's math skills.  I think these homework/school papers fit in this project perfectly.

Day 4 - facing page
Valentines artwork he did for M.E. - that was a must for the project.

Day 4 - Sunday

Having the basic design for each layout in a word document made this all so easy to go in each day and erase the previous journal, type the new, save as, & print. 

Day 4 - facing page
More snippets of life.

Day 5 - Monday

Again the spread goes from right to left, I got to include some receipt, the tag from his new (cheap) GAP school pants, along with pictures.  I have two blank spots on this page, that I'm going to have to be very creative and come up with something to filled them. Likely, digging in his backpack again.

Day 5 - facing page

 Journaling from the blog.

Day 5 - continued

A worksheet about President's Day, as it was president's day.  Buddy talked alot about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, so I only thought it fitting to include it.  He was so stoked to find out Ab Lincon was born in KY.  He thought it was so rad.

Day 5 - continued

Filler page, list of spelling words for the week.

Day 6 - Tuesday - His Birthday

I had to go with this pic just because, well, it had M.E. in it.

Day 6 - facing page

Lots of stuff to include today - like a portion of the package Mamaw sent (its has her handwriting love it), some of my pics were too much for the small card size, so I made two cards out of them instead.  Hey it worked.  I also included reciepts from the pizza place and the game cards the boys used.  

Day 6 - continued

More pics from the pizza place to show off what all we did. 

The next bunch of filler is all the cards he got from school and in the mail (well, actually some of his cards are still on the frig, but I will just punch holes in them and add them later).

Day 7 - Wednesday

The last day of the project is the same as the others.  I've not got all the pics developed for the last card holder page, so its not quite complete, but so, so close. 

This project was super easy. I mean E*A*S*Y!  If anyone is interested in my templates or more info just email M.E. and I can email them to you.  They are all just word documents.  And this project could be done anytime of year or any reason or no reason at all. I'd love to do one the week of the babe arriving, but seeing hows I don't know when that will be, it won't happen. 

Thanks for reading!

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