Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Conversation and a Book.

Last night in the van, Buddy was trying to talk the Man and M.E. into staying up late, not to watch tv, but to work on an art project for his art class. 

I proceeded to explain to the Man that this was not a good idea, because Buddy hasn't been the most pleasant person to get up in the mornings, and he has been sneaking and watching tv in the mornings with LG.  The Man thought there was nothing wrong with watching tv in the mornings, until I explained to him our tight schedule and Buddy standing around doing nothing watching morning cartoons was not part of the equation.  If he wanted tv time, he'd have to get up extra early to do so.   I remined the Man and Buddy that we leave the house at 7:40, not 7:41 or 7:42. 7:40. 

That's when LG chimes in,
LG: "no Mommy its 7-7-1"
ME: "no 7:40 is when we leave the house"
LG: "no 7-7-1"
ME: "buddy, that's a tv channel [nickelodean]"
LG: "no, it cartoons"
ME: "yeah, thanks buddy"

At 4 he already knows are cable tv channels and was glad to point out that if Buddy was going to watch tv in the mornings before school it was 7-7-1, not 7-40. 

Fast Forward to this morning:
6:45 Buddy is up and ready to jump in the shower.  I drag myself out of bed and ask him what's up?  Did my little speech in the van last night work and he's getting up extra early just to watch an episode of spongebob that he's already seen 100+ times?

Nope, he informs M.E. that he wants to work on that art project.  And sure enough that's what he did.  He wouldn't even let LG turn on the tv, because he said he couldn't help but watch it if it was on.  Bless his heart.
Here he is in the scrapbooking room working on his project - a book.

I snuck and took a pic of chapter 2.   He's not finished and says he doesn't want it on the blog until its done.

So I had to ask, what's this project about?  He proceeded to explaing that in art class yesterday (he loves art, just like M.E.) his art teacher challenged the class to create a story about animals through pictures.  There has to be 10 pictures and its ok if there is no words. 

Its not for a grade, its not even required, it was a challenge and let M.E. tell you he was all business this morning.  He got to chapter 9 before loading up in the van.  This afternoon, he's going to be outlining with markers then coloring with crayons, he says. Wow.  I'm so excited about it.  I'll be sure to publish it here when I have permission.  BTW, in the above pic, the two figures with glass domes on their heads are a cat and mouse in outer space meeting some aliens. Can't wait to see where this goes.

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