Sunday, March 21, 2010

First Day of Spring

Not unlike last year we got snow on the first day of spring. 

So Friday night, we had company over and the Man grilled some yummy, yummy salmon.  It was 70 degrees and we were all bare foot, even though we were under a winter weather storm warning.  And sure enough the next day we got over 6 inches of snow.

With snow on the ground and the road questionable, we just hung around the house.  I played with my camera, trying out new settings. 
Here's the sports setting - catching Buddy in the action of shooting hoops in the sunroom.  Please ignore the flith and focus on the Buddy.

I thought they turned out pretty good.

Later the Man got these pictures of them sitting on the same chair playing on the computer.

Something on the tv must have caught their attention. 
We are definitely getting better with the camera.

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