Tuesday, March 23, 2010

LG goes to Speech!

Many of you who know LG, know that his speech and language development has been a little bit behind.  He has his own words for certain things and while some of them are cute and endearing, it is really interfering with his progress at school.  It was been long in coming and lots of hoops to jump through, but we finally got him in. 
Here he is outside the building, being a big boy.
He did really well and I'm so proud of him.  They will be working with him twice a week until the babe comes and then a refresher during the summer, then all next fall.  They think by the end of the fall semester he should right where he needs to be.   They will be focusing on getting him to use words like 'is', 'he', 'she', 'will',  and so on and so forth, as well as, getting him to make the 's' sound.
Looking forward to him taking to this and communicating better.   After we left speech is was lunch time, so we called the Man and picked him up at his office (it was really close to the clinic).  We went to this deli that the Man loves.  I got this gaint, BBQ & Cheese Potato.

It was huge and I didn't eat but near half of it.  But that was more due to my tastebuds being dull from allergies.  I've been super conjested and sneezing for two days now and well, the BBQ just didn't seem to be that great, so I mostly just ate the potato. 
LG really didn't want his picture taken, but eventually agreed.

Its so fun to have lunch with the Man during the week.  It just makes my days!

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