Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break Update

I've done a poor job of getting back into the routine of blogging.  There are several reasons, but I'll not make excuses.

We went to KY for Spring Break and it was wonderful.  I hadn't seen my family since our very brief Thanksgiving visit, so it was nice to be there more than one night and to really visit with everyone. 

Everyone is well and that's always wonderful.  The boys had a blast and really loved playing outside alot.  LG had allergies and a low fever the majority of the trip, so he really didn't get to enjoy it as much as he could have.

I did pretty good riding for that long.  When we returned Wednesday, my feet looked like two large grapefruits, I've never experienced such swelling before and it kind of made M.E. a bit nervous, but yesterday they were smaller and today they almost look normal, so I just all is well.

Here's some pics:
On the road... the Man did most of the driving. *sigh*
We made it to Little Rock, AR on Friday night.  We normally don't take I-40 but the weather was going to be so much better that route, so thus off we go.  We got to stay in a hotel which is always nice for all of us.  Here LG was just too cute not to take a picture.

Here he is hiding behind the curtain after he got out of the bath and dressed. Too sweet!

The boys were good as usual, I'm really amazed at how they can entertain themselves and/or just be for such long hours in the van.  Truely amazing.

Buddy happy to be crossing the Mississippi.  He knows we are getting close. (as in a few of hours)

Buddy brought along E.T. the movie to watch and although it was daylight outside, it still made LG nervous.  Here he hides behind his pillow.

On the farm out for a walk.

LG got tired.

A FIRST......  Papaw on the computer.  For years, he's been saying that he was going to learn, but he doesn't even know the first thing about them, let along use one.  But Uncle found a really good tractor website, so he got Papaw on the computer.  It was a major photo opportunity for all of us. 

We stayed up late most nights talking with Mamaw and Papaw.  This participular night, LG had to give it up and decided to snuggle with Buddy.  Too cute.

Mamaw getting LG out of the bath.  He normally only lets M.E. tend to him, so we were all surprised he let her help him.

I'm still trying to work out the kinks in my camera and picture taking, hopefully my next batch of pictures will be better. 

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  1. Oh I love the picture of your Momma and L.G. Loved being with you two...meant so much...can't wait for Leah Jean May to get ya