Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I haven't been in the picture taken mode.  There's just been so much going on and plenty of things to capture, but its not happened.

Friday night, the Man grilled out yummy salmon again and we had company over.  I really like having people over and making our new friendships stronger.  We had a really good time and watched basketball.  Sorry about the HUSKIES!

Saturday, we had no obligations which is so unusal for us, so the Man decided it was time!  Time to spring clean and get ready for the baby.   We want to remodel our sunroom and make it more efficient and useful to us as a family, so first things first - empty the room. YIKES!  We spent over 4 hours, gathering, sorting, cleaning and moving furinture. The boys toys have been narrowed down to 4 little tubs, wow!  The spare bed made its way to the scrapbook room so that our baby help (i.e. Mamaw & Papaw, Grandpa & Nana) will have a place to sleep and watch tv.  Then we moved the second couch to the living room, which required the dining room table go to the kitchen, and the scrap table from the scrapbooking room, to the kitchen, to the garage. But before it could go to the garage the garage had to be cleaned again.  Grandpa & Nana did a wonderful job of this in November, but we had neglected it of course and so we had to do some maintanance on it.  The Man took an entire truck load of stuff to goodwill. An entire truck load, I tell you.  This I should have gotten a picture of. It was crazy that we had that much stuff just laying in the garage doing nothing.

Saturday night, the Man and Buddy went to a friends house to play guitar and LG and I watched the awful UK game. Please people make a 3-pointer!  Disappointing for sure.

We wound up finishing some of the projects on Sunday evening. We had the family from KY that visited about a month ago over for dinner.  They have moved here (the dad got a job at the Man's office) and I'm sure we will be seeing alot of them, as they don't know anyone and they have 3 boys, 7, 5, & 4 that love to play at our house.  Crazy. 

The house is still very much in a state of chaos, but at least we are settling into eating in the kitchen vs the living room.  I now have a table in the garage to help with laundry and the scrapbook room is really looking like a distinct place to sleep and hang out. Little scrapping will be happening anytime soon.

So much for taking it easy, yay!
It had to be done and I'm so glad to be moving in this direction. Getting the sunroom to be a den and more functional living space is going to be awesome!  Thanks hun for getting busy on that.

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