Tuesday, March 30, 2010

T-Ball is in full Swing!

This is our second week of t-ball practices and the Man (whose coaching) is very excited about the season. He has baseball fever that's for sure.  I think this might have something to do with the Mariners having a great line-up just as much as it does with this being Buddy's Fourth Year of T-ball. Four years. Its so hard to M.E. to believe this. 
Let's take a look back at his first season.  I think this is his second game, he is so tiny and has no clue about holding that bat.

The excitment of actually making it to base.   Fabulous!
We were talking the other day about how he turned 4 years old in February and started t-ball in March.  LG turned 4 in November and I can't imagine him playing ball.  Its crazy.  Although LG is starting to take interest and has asked to practice with Buddy.  I think this is awesome.

So yesterday it was super sunny and in the upper 70s, perfect weather for our practice.  I managed a few pics.  Look how he has changed.  Amazing.

Buddy is playing pitcher again.  He's pretty good at it and has the speed needed to chase down batters.

Here's M.E. - Chris was playing with my new camera, trying to figure out some of the features for M.E.  I figured Mamaw would like to see M.E. and how fat I am.
(4 weeks to go)

Buddy makes a stop.

Games should start next week.  woo-hoo! I hope I get to make a few before the baby comes.  Its always so exciting.

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