Monday, March 1, 2010

We had a full weekend, thus one of the reasons I didn't blog.
Saturday morning our good friends from youth group stopped by.  They have two girls - 4 years and 9 months.  Buddy is over the moon about the baby.  He always wants to hold her, play with her, love on her and just be with her.  It is too sweet.  I hope he acts this way with our new addition.   Here he is in the floor with her. 

He is so gentle and nice to her, doesn't get in her face.
And I think she pretty much digs him too.
The reason they stopped by was to give M.E. a free pass to the largest consigment sale in the state.  Its at the fairgrounds and in this huge expo center. Believe M.E. when I say huge.  I thought about taking my camera but decided against, I'd need all my arm strength to haul my goodies.  
Saturday was the preview sale for those with passes and luckily I knew the right people to get a free pass. Woo-hoo!  There was so much stuff, it was almost overwhelming.  The sale is for all things babies and kids - from maternity clothes to baby accessories to kids clothes to furinture.  Amazing.  I bet there were 100+ strollers in the stroller section, it was crazy. 
And of course I managed to get some treats for M.E. and the kiddos.  A changing table pad, some maternity clothes including an Easter dress, some summer outfits for Buddy, water shoes & sandals for both boys, a bath bath and a really cool diaper bag.
I was really excited about this diaper bag. I don't know if its a designer bag or not, but it kinda feels and looks like it and there was a very similar bag (pink and brown) that was twice the cost of this one, so I'm thinking its special or at least it will be to M.E.
I'm thinking brown and turquoise can work for boy or girl.  I can always add a few ribbons to the strap if its a girl.  Oh my - just the thought of a girl!

Before I got back home (I was gone for more than 3 hours) the Man had company here from WKU who is interviewing at his work.  They were a really nice family from KY and had three boys, 4, 5, & 7. You can only imagine the fun my boys had with them here.  Although my house looks like a toy tornado of legos, army men and various items hit, it was worth it.  We had a really good visit Saturday night and again after church on Sunday. 

Sunday we watched the Olympics - what a hockey game!  I don't even know any of the rules of hockey expect off sides and icing, but still it was pretty exciting to watch and to watch the Man watch it. too funny. The closing ceremony was pretty cool too, now I'm not sure what we will watch on tv we were so into the games.  I suppose it'll have to be college basketball, some of the tournaments starts this weekend. GO WKU, who is playing in Hot Springs, AR (4 hours from here) I wouldn't be surprised if the Man up and went to a game.  GO UK! (thats KY, not Kansas) and I suppose UW is pretty good this year too, so go Huskies!

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