Friday, March 5, 2010

Woes of Pregnancy

I'm officially 32 weeks into growing Babe #3 and with that comes lots of "ok I'm ready for this to be over" side affects. 

1.  I can't sleep.
2.  When I do sleep, the Man says I now snore. SNORE!  I don't believe it, but I did wake up twice this week to find him on the couch and he said, how do you stand it when I snore, he could only take M.E. snoring for about 3 minutes and he was out of there.
3.  I hurts to bend at the waist - so loading the dishwasher is more of a chore and annoying.
4.  I can no longer talk on the phone and change the sheets on my bed at the same time.  I'm too out-of-breath. 
5.  I'm FAT! 40+ lbs and counting.
6. Reason for #5, I've become addicted to chocolate chip cookies. 

Can you believe it? I'm not a big sweets person and much prefer cakes to cookies, but earlier in the my pregnancy I was introduced to these little nestle ready bake square thingies.  All you do is open the package, pop some little squares on a  tray, in the oven and 10 minutes later a plate of yummy chocolate chip cookies.  I'm consuming an average of two pack (maybe three) a week.  My favorite - Nestle Mini-Chocolate-Chip Cookies. Y*U*M*M*Y.  {thanks Kathy}

7.  I'm retaining water and had to pry my wedding band from my hand before it cut my circulation off. 
8.  My face, as someone told M.E. last week, finally looks pregnant.  Yes it is round!

9.  I tire easily!
10.  And last but not least, I'm ready to have a lap again so the boys and I can snuggle.

It also seems that perhaps making lists is another side affects, as is relavent in my last few posts.


  1. Oh my I have the same symptoms....could it be possible that I too am.....prego...I don't think ya

  2. Awesome -- the baby will have a great appreciation for the easy 10 minute chocolate chip cookies! Kathy