Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Story

I don't have any pics today, but I do have a story.

So we (LG and M.E.) are sitting the van waiting for school to be out, when all of a sudden LG starts to scream. A painful, I'm hurt, make-my-heart-stop scream.  He is in the front seat with M.E. and I quickly grab him, what is it.  He's holding his face and yells "my eye, my eye".

I didn't see a bee or anything I'm guessing his got something in it. 
Trying to calm him down a bit,  I remove his hands from his face and he is holding his eyes shut so tight his face is bright red and his nose is already running. I try to look in his eye, but he won't let M.E. near it. I finally get him situated, so that his head is in my lap.  He's still crying and screaming "my eye, my eye".  So I pin his arms down with my elbow of sorts and try to pry open his left eye.  He's definitly in pain here and upon first inspection I see to my amazement a huge chuck of a popcorn kernal. 

So yesterday as an afternoon snack, I had cooked a bag of popcorn in the microwave, put it in two lunch bags and took to the playground with us. Apparently somed left over kernals bits remained in the car and one either flew into his eye, or he had it on his hand and rubbed his eye.  Either way, here it was stuck in my baby's eye and I was crinching with pain myself, because you know it was hurting bad. 

I convince him to let M.E. pour some water in it from my water bottle in an attempt to flush it out, as he couldn't hold still enough the M.E. to fish it out with my hands.  So I doused him with water and he just screamed more. I pried it open again and this time I couldn't see it. I thought maybe I had gotten but he was telling M.E. is was in his upper lid somewhere and it hurt bad.

Again, more water. I'm praying at this point and trying to figure out what I'm going to do. I have to get this out and as soon as possible and if I can't, who can. Hospital, urgent care, his doctor.  I tell him more water and he agrees and does his best to be still for M.E. to pour more water into his eye and this time I work it in good, making sure it really gets in there and gently rubbing his lid.

I pry his eye open a third time and I see it, right on the edge of his lower lid.  I slowly try to move it to the outside corner of his eye. Alittle more water and some gentle hands (I have no idea how I did it), but I managed to get it to the corner of his eye and then not so gently dug it out with my pinky finger nail. 

Holy cow!  He was still upset, but much calmer, he said it still hurt. Well, of course it did, I just pulled a huge hunk of popcorn out of your tiny eye.  I flushed it with more water and had him keep it closed for another minute and then his face started to regain its normal color but his nose was still running big time. 

Within 5 minutes he was ready to hit the playground.  Amazing.  I really wish I'd had my camera with M.E. because I'm telling you this thing was huge.   Its been 4 hours now and he says its fine and it doesn't look hurt, so hopefully the kernal nor I scratched his eyeball.  Oh man, its always something!

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  1. Ok! I'm feeling a little sick to my stomach! YIKES!! Glad he is ok!

    -Chris L