Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Good Tuesday morning.... having checked the poll it looks like most of you are wanting us to have a baby girl with very few votes for a boy.  I'm just as anixous as you to know what it is. 

The Man told M.E. this morning he thought today was the day. Why, I have no idea, but I wouldn't mind as along as it is healthy.  I was talking to my friend Kathy last night at baseball practice, about my inability to live in the moment these days. I've been pining for what's next and my Mom has always believed this to be some sort of sin, which I must agree.  I can't neglect my family, my house and my friends because I'm too preoccupied with what this child is and when it will come, but let M.E. tell you its hard to do. 

I had a long chat with Buddy and LG about that very thing this morning and what they can expect or not to expect to happen.  Buddy kind of got excited about it - not the baby- but the prospect of getting to go over to his friends house and possibly having to spend the night with his best friend because I'd be in the hospital.  I was not disappointed, but rather relieved that he's going to see this as an adventure and hopefully not get stressed out about it.  He's my sincere one and has much empathy for people and situations.  LG will be fine.  As long as where ever he's at there is a Wii, I could be gone for a month and I don't think he'd mind. 

So here I sit, trying to focus on today and the chores at hand and forget about the braxon-hicks, aches & pains and when the child will arrive.                  Wish M.E. luck!

PS.  I've already drafted a blank email with everyone's address in there, so the Man can email from the hospital on from his phone about the upcoming arrival - at maxiumu of 17 days - not that I'm counting.

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