Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!
LG woke up bright and early and immediately started to play the Wii.  Buddy got up alittle later to discover that the Easter bunny had indeed stopped by our house.  Its so funny how he is so surprised by these events, Santa, Tooth Fairy & Easter bunny. I love it.
Here he brings LG and his own basket to the living room.

He was pretty happy to get some legos in his basket.

LG was too busy playing the wii to care that the Easter bunny came and left him anything.  It just amazes M.E. how into that thing he is.

Love this pic.... Buddy's reaction to discovering that his eggs he colored are gone.  I told him the Easter Bunny took them to another little boys house who wasn't very good this year and so when he woke up this morning he was just going to have eggs, no treats.  Buddy was a bit shocked.

Later on the Man would discover that this wasn't the case and that their eggs they left for the Easter Bunny had been hidden by him in the front yard.  Once again LG could have cared less, so out goes Buddy by himself.

Looks like the early bird got ahold of this egg - literally.

After breakfast I got ready for church and I didn't manage one picture of us in our Sunday's best.  Opps!

I was up tight and a little stressed about the Egg Hunt that I never got the camera out of the truck, but luckily the Egg Hunt went fabulous and I was so blessed with everyone giving M.E. hugs, well wishes and thumbs up to really mind. 

Although I must say the Man was such a big help getting the boys ready and to church with out M.E. and followed them around at the hunt.  They managed about 30 eggs each, so not bad at all. 

Afterwards, my feet and braxon-hick contractions were killing M.E.  My feet were about 2 shoes sizes to big for my shoes and thus were in much pain from all the walking I'd done and that also contributed to the fact that I hadn't consumed much water and I was having some serious contractions. 

After lunch I came home and laid down for about a half hour and they really slowed down.  It was also another beautiful day so I couldn't spend it in bed or in doors  - so we had another fabulous day playing and hanging out outside.  The Man had rented a garden tiller so he spent the majority of the day breaking up the garden spot.  I wouldn't let him plant anything, becuase it was Sunday and Easter and I told him the Lord wouldn't bless our garden if he planted today, so he was content after all his hard work to not plant anything.  The garden's going to be twice the size of last year and he is so excited about it.  It makes M.E. excited to see him get so into it. 

After that the Buddy, who had begged us to play with him all day, convinced the Man into playing some corn hole on our new WKU boards.  Incidently the Man and Buddy were both wearing their WKU gear so it was pretty cool, you'd never know we lived in OK from these pics.
Buddy takes corn hole, well all sports for that matter, very seriously.
He was not happy to loose to the Man and spent another hour after their game practicing for future games.

LG played in a mud puddle from when the Man cleaned the tiller.  It doesn't matter the size of a puddle, LG will be in it.

We eventually came inside about 6 just in time for the beginning of the Sound of Music on tv.  I love, love, love this movie and so does Buddy, we wound up staying up until 10 watching it.  (He doesn't have school tomorrow so that's ok). 

We had a good Easter, missed KY alot, but it was ok.  I think it was probably the first Easter ever that I wasn't there, but I'm a big girl and it wasn't that big of deal.  We still had fun.

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  1. Love the post and the pics. Can't wait for little one to get here....I am with you in heart and spirit Sarah love. Pack the camera so the Man can post her, I mean little one's pic