Saturday, April 3, 2010

Good Weekend

We had a really good weekend around here.  Friday, as it was Good Friday, we didn't have school and the Man didn't have to work, so we got to sleep in and have some family time for a bit. 
Buddy wound up going over to a friends house and LG and I went and got our hair cut.  Mine's back to chin length and I love it.  LG's looks much the same just shaped up. 

Having had Friday off it made Saturday even more special. The Man got up and out early for some shopping.  He wound up going many places and getting many things, all of which we needed of course.  I managed a trip to Walmart and other than that it was life outside.   It was in the 80s with a great breeze so we managed to spend as much time outside as possible.

The boys played basketball, drew cities with sidewalk chalk, we had a picnic, got all the church eggs ready, and eventually dyed our Easter eggs.

I was in charge of our church's egg hunt this year, so I had over 1000 plastic treat-filled eggs in our hallway all week. So tempting for LG who loves candy, especially chocolate. 
Back home in KY we have all the colors for dying the eggs, but with just M.E. and the boys this year we only had 4 colors, but it worked out ok.
Here LGs having a blast.  I got the idea of using our metal whisk from the Family Fun magazine.  I really wished I'd had one for each color because it was so simple for LG to dunk, redunk, look at and retreive his eggs without cracking, breaking or spilling the dye.
Buddy took his coloring very seriously and got upset with LGs style of quickly dunking and removing.  He wanted deep dark colors that took a lot of soaking, LG was not patience enought for that.

Our favorite part or rather my favorite part of dying eggs (& its quickly becoming Buddy's favorite part) is using the wax crayon to draw on the eggs before dunking.  We love it. Its just too cool.

They really had a good time and we didn't have any messes. Amazing for LG who spills something almost daily.
Only having 4 colors wasn't so bad.
We would later have company with the Adam & Carrie and the girls.  We have so much fun with them and the girls are great for the boys to play with.  We played outside until game time then it was all college basketball.  I totally was going for WV but unfortunatley Duke won. UGH! 

I'm nervous about tomorrow and the big Easter Egg Hunt, we'll see how it goes.

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