Monday, April 12, 2010

If nothing else............

If today didn't put M.E. into labor then nothing will and it'll be the 23rd before this child arrives.

Saturday we finally recieved our baseball schedule after weeks of asking for it - only to find out our first game is today.  Love the 2 days notice, so today, I had lots of loose ends to tie up before game time. 

I got both boys to school, then headed out for my day or errand running and project completion. 
Being the organized team mom that I am, I like having laminated name signs for each player attached to the dugout fence in batting order, so everyone knows whose next and where to place their belongings at the end of each inning.  Well, our printer died last week or at least the power supply did, because its not getting any juice and the Man forgot to print the name signs out Friday, so that meant I had to run to the library after dropping LG off to print out the necessary papers and rosters for the game. Printer Dead - Strike 1.
Then it was off to the mall to pick up caps. Well, the baseball caps I'd ordered (2 weeks ago) for our new players didn't arrive on time, so now I have 4 players without caps. Strike 2.
I get home for a quick lunch and about a 45 minute rest on the couch, then its off to school to pick up the boys early, because today is dentist day. I'd scheduled these appointments like two months ago, not realizing I'd be so miserably pregnant and the same day as our first game, but I didn't want to cancel so off to the dentist we go. 
Here's Buddy all ready to go.

The first hygenist was awesome and she did a fabulous job on Buddy and letting LG run around the room.  
I was assuming that once he was done LG would jump up in the chair, but that wouldn't be the case. uh oh.  Another lady comes in and asks LG to come with her.  LG wasn't too excited about this and started to balk at the idea of getting his teeth cleaned. But I managed to talk him into getting in the chair.

Very curious about what was going on.

About half way through the appointment, its very apparent to M.E. that this lady doesn't usually work on kids.  She was very professional, but she did not put much effort into pleasing LG or trying to be patience.  I was getting very furstrated with her thats for sure.

Nearing the end, I make myself a note in my phone, not to get this lady again and just as I'm putting my phone back in my purse, she is forcing a mouth guard full of a flouride foam into LG's mouth with him screaming no and her holding his hands down.  I quickly cross the room in time for the vomit to come out.  Yes, vomit.  LG, like M.E., has a very swallow gag reflex and her forcing this into his too little mouth and his stress level triggered it and he threw up not once but three times, all over himself, her hands and the chair.  He was upset to say the least, but she was more upset. She leaves the room and doesn't return for some time. Serves her right.  I know this is horrible to say, but she's wasn't kid friendly so that's what you get - vomited on.  LG has to leave the dentist office near naked, as he's close were soiled.  I'm sure he's going to love the dentist from now on.  Vomiting at the Dentist - Strike 3. 

We race home in time for Buddy to eat a quick bowl of cereal and get his uniform on.  The babysitter came over to hang out with LG, which was such a blessing.  We quickly loaded up and headed to the ball park.  I only got to stay for the 1st inning, because I had a PTO meeting to attend. ugh. 
But I did manage to get Buddy at his first at bat - what a stance.

Its modified coach pitch this year and the Man really hasn't practiced that much pitching and when he does pitch - he did so under handed. Well, we were told at the game it needs to be overhanded.  The Man wasn't quite prepared for this.  Buddy managed to get a base hit.

Love his concentration.

And he's off.

He'd score.

Like I said early, I didn't get to stay for the entire game, but I knew it would be a long shot if we won and I was right.  We lost 29 -15.  When I finally got home about 8:15 (my feet swollen to the size of footballs), the Man nor Buddy was in a good mood.    Lets just hope Thursday's game goes much better.

And with all the activities and stress and strike outs, I didn't go into labor.  I know its for the best, but I'm just so anixous.

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