Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Camper - Memorial Day CampOut Recap

The Happy Camper
We left OK on Thursday after Buddy's last baseball game, which was a nail biter.   I was really glad to get some driving in on Thursday instead of trying to do the trip all in one day.  We wound up staying in a little town in MO, so as to make tomorrow only a 9 or 10 our day.  
We arrived in KY Friday afternoon and Babe did great in the car.  We were all alittle nervous about how he would do, but I only had to nurse him twice and he slept most of the way.  Unfortunately, we barely made camp before a thunderstorm rolled through. 
Here LG has a snack in the van waiting for the rain to stop.
The Babe and M.E.
One other couple made it out Friday night, the others would arrive on Saturday.
Saturday morning was nice, we managed some good shade and it wasn't too terrible hot. 
Our Camp

The boys simply love camping and did a wonderful job just hanging out and playing around the camp. They made some friends in the next site up so they played in the drive way a lot of the time with them.
After lunch, everyone but Babe and M.E. loaded up and headed to the lake for some fishing.
They got quite the catch.  LG loved it.
Bluegill and Catfish
While they were gone, I gave Babe a bath in the sink at the bath house. He loves to be naked.
He's so adorable and just goes with the flow.
Other friends arrived mid day and we had a really good time catching up and visiting with everyone.
On Sunday all the guys but the Man went golfing as they did last year.  Thankfully it didn't rain for 14 hours straight, just a few pop up showers throughout the day.  I felt alittle guilty for asking the Man to stay at camp, but with the boys and a newborn, I just couldn't manage just yet. 
Anyhow the Man said he was happy to stay and slow cooked some ribs for us all.
Looks like they are enjoying them.
Meanwhile, Babe took a quick nap in the tent.

Closer view.
Too cute.
We managed to have a quite evening on Sunday and loaded up and headed to my parents on Monday.  It was a really nice and low key weekend which was definitely needed. Babe did wonderfully and so did the boys.  Other than a few tick bites and thunderstorms is was perfect. 

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