Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Visiting Aunt M's Farm

After a wonderful nights rest on Monday, Mamaw rode with Babe and M.E. to take the Man back to the airport.  We are so going to miss him and I could hardly keep from crying, but I knew the boys I needed this visit with the fam.

We got ready and headed over to my Aunt M's farm. 
Here Aunt Cream gets Babe out of the bath.
Aunt M's Farm.

I really love their farm because of the trees and pasture combined. There little underbrush so it just perfect.  This picture doesn't do it justice at all.  The boys really liked it too.  They got to visit with the cows.

When the kids ran up to the fence the cows weren't sure about them.  They aren't used to seeing kids and were confused by them.
Buddy and the kids started running around and playing then the cows started running with them and playing.  It was unbelievable how they were mimicking the boys.

Soon after we arrived, Uncle D made his way to the hous - he'd been moving hay.
He was glad to give the kiddos a tour of the barn lot.

He gave the quite the education about own and operating a cattle farm.  He explained so many things to the boys and surprisingly they were all ears.  They even were asking questions. It was so fabulous, you've no idea how cool that was.

LG at the barn lot.

Buddy at the barn lot.

Meanwhile, Aunt M held Babe and talked with Cream on her new back porch. Loved it too!

Before we left, LG wanted to make sure I got a pic of their dog.  I can't recall her name, but I want to say its Kate - sorry Aunt M if I got it wrong.

We had a blast and look forward to visiting again.  The boys loved it.

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  1. Glad you all had a great and safe trip to Roundhill. Babe is PRECIOUS!!!! I could eat him up with a spoon!