Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Water Balloons

With the temps being in the 90s in KY, the kids would quickly get hot outside and often wanted to play in the waterhose - so to make it alittle more fun - Aunt Cream got water balloons.  Several evening she and Uncle would make up a batch of balloons but the kiddos would run through them very quickly. 
So we finally went for the big bucket - 700 water balloons.  She, Uncle, Jane and I sat down assemble line fashion and filled up nearly half of them with water.
Here's the big batch.  We lost count on how many we made but it sure was a lot - my guess 250 to 300.

The had a blast.  We first tossed the back and forth getting farther and farther away each time and until it would bust on some one.  Then they tossed them in the air and tried to catch them.
Here LG pretends its a baby.
Buddy was having us toss them way up in the air, then head butt them as they came down for a big splash on his head.  It was hilarous.

I must say it was worth the hour + it took to get them filled up as well as the skin missing from my fingers as I tied and tied balloons.  The kiddos will definitley remember the huge water balloon fight for years to come.

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