Thursday, July 29, 2010


On Friday, Babe had his 3 month check-up, where he weighted in at 14 lbs and 10 oz.  He jumped from the 25% to the 90% for his age and I'm not surprised.  His brothers where big babies and with him eating around the clock he'd have to put on weight. 
When I told the doctor he was still eating every 2 to 3 hours all day and night, he said "wow, you're tired".
yep, I'll not deny it, but its no different than with Buddy or LG.  They never slept either.The doc said that it really wouldn't benefit him, but if I wanted to give him some cereal it might help him sleep longer - 6 hours would be great.
(Here he watches Baby Einstien)

Sunday night, 2 oz of formula with 2 teaspoons of cereal.  He gobbled it down and slept 4 hours. 10 to 2, then it was every two hours til 8AM.
Monday night, 4 oz of formula with a tablespoon of cereal.  He fussed when eating it, but did and he slept 4 hours.  10 to 2, then it was every two hours til 8AM.
Tuesday night, 4 oz of formula with 3 teaspoons of cereal. He ate it up and slept only 3 hours. 10 to 1, then it was every two hours til 8AM.

Last night, 4 oz of formula with 4 teaspoons of cereal. He was fussy about it, like he didn't like it and he only slept 3 hours. 9 to 12, then it was every two hours til 8AM.

I'm thinking I might be done trying - He is just not a sleeper, but he sure is cute!

PS. Buddy was up half the night thinking there were critters in the house. I knew it!

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