Wednesday, July 28, 2010

M.E. the Exterminator

Do you know that show Billy the Exterminator on A&E?  Well, its about a family in Louisana who have a reality show about their exterminating business and the critters they run across and relocate. 

Buddy loves this show, although he's not much of an animal lover, but I think its just Billy (who dresses like a goth rock star) and his drama about the animals. Anyhow, there was this marathon of Billy on tv yesterday.  So after playing the sprinklers (its was only 95 degrees with 50% humdity so we could actually go outside), I got the boys in the bath then we settled in about 4:30 to watch the Billy marathon. 

5 minutes into the show and Buddy screams, "there's a bird!"
I'm thinking on the show, but no, it was in our sunroom.

Apparently the back screen door did not latch and was open, so this little birdy walked right on in.  With 14 window in the room, he could not figure out how to get out and was banging his self again the glass.

The next hour would be hilarous, stressful and unbelievable.  I grabbed the camera, because I knew I'd have to blog this story even before there was a story to tell, just the fact that there was a bird in the house is news enough, right?

So I grab a broom and a laundry basket, the broom would be my 'shooing' device and the basket my head gear.  I open the back door wide open and open another window and punched out the screen, to help him escape.

First attempt, he wound up flying into the DVD rack and I couldn't get him out.  He did eventually come out and I started shooing him toward the backdoor and like an idiot I didn't close the window that goes in the scrapbooking room and he flew right in there and sat perched on the computer. 
Buddy is freaking out, I've texted and called the Man like 5 times, no response.  LG is telling M.E. to call, "him" pointing to the tv. How ironic that we are watching Billy the Exterminator on tv during all this.  Buddy is trying to explain that Billy lives in another state and it would take him 3 days to get here. That was pretty funny.

So he sits in the scrapbooking room for awhile, meanwhile, I've got Babe screaming in his crib with the door closed being protected from this little bird.
Finally he flys back out of the scrapbooking room and I quickly close that window, so it won't happen again and I begin shooing him again.

I got him to the door, but he went behind the door and not out of it.  So I got him out from behind the door and he started flying all over the room. I'm screaming, Buddy's screaming and LG is just standing there like this happens all the time. I'm batting him with the broom, so he doesn't fly into the rest of the house and we really have a problem, when he flys out the open window.  Whew! Its over. Buddy and I quickly close all the doors and windows and resume watching Billy.

Buddy would still be edgy hours later about the whole experience.  I bet he doesn't sleep well tonight. 
And, yes the Man finally got home to help about 15 minutes after I got the bird out.  I've really been earning my M.E. name this summer, for sure.

Problem: Bird in the House
Mission: Get the Bird out of the House
Results: Bird relocated to the outdoors unharmed.

M.E. the Exterminator!

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  1. LOL - we have this problem in our sunroom too AND we just started watching that show last week. Thanks for the laugh!! Angie A in KY