Friday, July 30, 2010

Making a New Friend

Today, Babe got to meet one of his newest friends, Riley.  She was born at the end of May and is the beautiful daughter of one the Man's work friends.  We actually hang out with them quite often and got to share alot of stories about being pregnant and the upcoming arrivals of the babies.  Their first - our third.

Babe and Riley playing (or rather coexisting) on a playmat. She's as long as he is but 6 weeks younger - although he definitely out weights her by several pounds.

Aren't they just too cute!  It is going to be so fun watching them grow together.

In other news.... Buddy and I stopped at Walmart on the way to their house to get some groceries for us and also pick up some treats.  Treats being I had to have some chocolate chip cookies. I've done so good, so I was going to treat myself and ran quickly through the bakery section and got some freshly baked cookies to enjoy. 
In the van, I break into them, anticipating the yummy goodness, when I discover they taste rather flat. Almost yucky.
Buddy tries one and yes he agrees something is wrong with these cookies. I'm very upset. It has been weeks with out a cookie and now these aren't etible.
Well, turns out they were etible SUGAR FREE chocolate chip cookes.
Serves M.E. right I guess! 
LG would wind up eating most of them and getting diahrea from the splendia.  Not a good thing.

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