Monday, August 2, 2010

Brushing up on School Stuff!

I got some cookies yesterday, Thanks Kathy, when our friends came over for salmon.  I love grilled salmon. Anyhow, having company over requires house cleaning, so the boys, the Man and I did a quick once over of the house, even mopping. Awesome, so today's the house doesn't look to bad, leaving M.E. time to play school with the boys.

LG practices writing his letters.

I think he's doing a pretty good job - I mean he still has a whole year before kindergarten.

Babe just kinda hangs out.

Buddy uses scrabble letters to practice spelling words.  For his lack of practice I was pretty impressed.

I had saved all his word cards for the school year so we have a good bunch of words.  Today he did 20 words. Hope to get through them all in the next two weeks before school.

Babe being cute.

BTW, Babe rolled from his back to his stomach for the first time yesterday, but unfortunately we were all out of the room and missed it.  Sorry Babe, but we really enjoyed you doing it for the second time.

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