Saturday, July 17, 2010


Sunday, 4th of July.

We woke up to low clouds, 60 degrees and an occassional mist in the air.  Not ideal conditions, but typical Pacific NorthWest.

The boys played on the beach for a bit before loading up for the big Island Parade.  This year all the kids loaded up in the back of one of the uncle's truck and of course, LG and Buddy wanted to be a part of it.
LG in the middle of the chaos.
Buddy loving every minute of it.


The Man and I followed the truck with Babe.

It was kinda cool to see the parade and island like that.  I'm glad we did it.
As you might have noticed, Nana got us all matching shirts to wear in the parade, but we neglected to get a family photo, bummer.

Later that evening, the Man captured the wonderful sunset.

By dark, the boys were beyond tired from playing, it was cold and Babe was ready for bed, so the boys and I headed out to the RV during the fireworks, which last until about midnight. Another wonderful 4th of July on the beach.

Monday the 5th.

We headed back from the beach to Grandpa and Nana's and chilled out.  Watched the Mariners and visited.   LG got to help Grandpa and Nana bring the horses back up from the pasture to the house.
He thought he was hot stuff.
Check him out.

I think its so cool that he likes the horses.

Tuesday the 6th.

Uncle J had taken the week off to be with us, which was wonderful, so we really got to do some things and visit.  Today, the Man took the boys with Uncle J and his family on a hike near Mt. Baker.  I don't know the story because I stayed home with Nana and Babe, but here's some great pics, the Man took.

LG wasn't too happy with all the walking and climbing and quit.

Z, LG and Jolly eating lunch.

 As they trekked on it was hot so they took off their shirts.  It so funny seeing them shirtless in the snow.

Hiking in snow, what a day, what a view.

Buddy in snow.  He would come home with very cold and wet feet.

LG happy with a little rest on the way down the mountain.

Fun day for all the boys!

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