Saturday, July 17, 2010


I'd like to share with you some of our great pics from the trip to WA.  We had a blast, one of the best vacations ever. Of all time.

On Thursday the 1st, we headed out for a really great flight to Denver where we had a 4 hours lay over before flying into Seattle.  The flights were short and with that big break it really made the day go pretty smoothly.
I had some pretty good help on the plane as well. Babe did fantastic and my big boys did wonderful as they always do.

We arrived in the early afternoon, which meant bad traffic on I-5, so we had to pull over and let the kids run and Babe nurse, so we arrived at Grandpa and Nana right at supper time. We had a really good visit with everyone that night.

On Friday the 2nd, we slept late before heading out to the beach.  Like last year, Grandpa took the RV out to his mom's, Gramma's, so we could spend the entire weekend out at the beach. Uncle J and his family would also camp out there with some other cousins. It was great.

The boys love, love, love the beach.

The Man.

Babe loved hanging out with Gramma.

Z, the only girl in the crew had just as much fun.

All the boys fishing for bull heads of the dock.  I was trying to get LG in this photo and it wasn't until I downloaded it that I realized I got the big boys in focus instead.  I like this kind of accidents. They make good pictures.

Wonderful times. 

Saturday, July 3

After a wonderful waffle breakfast prepared by Gramma, the boys and cousins hit the beach as the tide was out and there was lots to do.
Like hunting and capture baby rock crabs.
Buddy wasn't too into this, as he got pinched early on and just kind of hung out with the guys instead of handling any of them himself.  And he's not much of an animal guy anyway.

A crab close-up.

Meanwhile LG has fallen asleep on the picnic table bench - at least it wasn't the rocks like last year.

The boys spent all morning digging and playing while the tide was out. But soon it was time to head back to beach as the water came in.

By this time most of the family and cousins have arrived and we all have a great time visiting.  Here's Katey and I - notice I'm in long sleeves and pants and seem alittle chilled, while she's in short sleeves and shorts.  Yeah, it was 70 degrees - warm for them, cold for M.E. as it was nearly 100 when we left OK.

As the tide was out the boys dug a hole and called it the Hot Tube, so LG and Z could hang out and play.

And another view.

Grandpa and Nana we very happy to have all of us together this year and everyone was healthy. And it was really nice - believe M.E.

I love this pic of Buddy running down the dock.  It sums up exactly how he felt every moment he was at the beach, pure joy and excitement.
That's my boy!

After a long day in the sun and sand, Gramma and the Aunties volunteered to watach all three boys and the other kiddos while the Man and I, J and J, and the cousins went out to the local scene. Not much happening but some shuttle board which was cool. I was totally nervous about leaving Babe, but they said he did fantastic. Woo-Hoo!

Buddy really bonded with Gramma this trip and misses her.

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