Sunday, July 18, 2010


Wednesday, July 7th

Today was movie day.  The Man, Nana and Aunt J loaded up all the kids for Toy Story 3 in 3D.  It was a great way to spend the morning and conserve energy. 
Conserve energy? you're wondering. 
Tonight would be the All Comers Track Meet at the Man's high school.  Its a pretty big deal and all the cool kids are there.  Its actually pretty fabulous.  They have races for any kids beginning at age 2 through teenagers and even adults.  

LG runs the 50 meter hurdles.
He'd get a green ribbon for his effort.
Next, Z runs the 50 meter hurdles.

Buddy runs hurdles.  Notice the Man in the back ground trying to jump for him.
This is the first time he's every raced track let alone hurdles and he placed 2nd.

LG runs the 50 meter sprint.

He placed 3rd.

Buddy running 50 meter sprint.

He'd place 2nd again.
Here Jolly runs the hurdles.

Buddy would run the 100 m and place 3rd.
LG would run the 100 m and not place at all, getting another green ribbon.  This did not sit well with him and Aunt J has to console him. 
Jolly ran the 800 m and placed 1st.  It was awesome.

All the kids decide to run the 200 m. 

Look at these handsome fella.

Here's Buddy.

LG having fun.  He stopped several times and talked to the other kids. It was too funny.

These were the last races and it was very disappointing for LG that he didn't get a red ribbon.  He wanted one so bad.

Do you think he takes after M.E. or the Man?

Z and Jolly don't know what to make of the cry baby and try to console him.

It was actually pretty comical, but poor LG wanted a red ribbon so bad.  But they'll be other days.  Buddy thought the entire experience was too cool and was already talking about next year on the way to the car. 


We all loaded up for a short hike out to the delta.  There's a huge river that empties out into the bay near Grandpa and Nana and its created a enormous delta and when the tides out it's sand is exposed and/or covered in shallow water - perfect for playing.

Uncle and all the kids walk way out to find a good spot to dig and build in the sand.

They start out building separate things but it would soon merge into one giant canal system.

M.E. and Babe find the only shade around to relax and nurse. 

LG walks in the spiral of broken sea shells, I made.  There were clam shells scattered about on the delta and I collected some for a little art project.  LG thought it was pretty cool.
The boys with their canals.

Babe hanging out in the shade.

Dev and Buddy running back to shore after we told them we would be stopping for ice cream on the way back home.

Z and LG in another hot tub, the boys dug for them.

Z and J made a wishing well of sorts or a castle - I'm not sure what it was going to be.

Walking back we caught a real kodak moment between an teenager and his mom.

Here's M.E. - I've really got to lose some weight. I've got Babe in the sling and then I had to cover him with a diaper, because I was afraid he would sun burn.

LG talked Uncle J into carrying him the last leg of the hike to the cars.  Too cute.

What a wonderful family!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, our last day.

All the guys in the family were off golfing all day, so the kids and I hung out at Grandpa and Nana's a bit.  Went out to the beach at Gramma, one last time.  Stopping by Pal's house then back for some swim time.
It only took it the entire week to finally get warm.

Fun Times!


  1. Loved the track meet update!! It's the best sport ever!

    You look beautiful! Don't even say that crazy stuff. Angie A from KY

  2. p.s. You're getting really good w/that camera. I'm jealous in a healthy way. LOL (Angie A)