Friday, August 13, 2010

Can't Believe Its Friday Already!

This week has simply flown by, mostly due to the Back-To-School activities.  I'm so excited.  Much like Buddy, I like routine and I'm excited to fill the calendar with school events, task, social events, etc.

Some Random Thoughts:

1 - On Wednesday, we had our first PTO meeting of the year, which I am secretary of.  It was nice to see alot of the moms that I haven't seen all summer and do some catching up.

2 - After which I rushed home to see TOP CHEF on Bravo - its one of our favorite shows.  We were S-H-O-C-K-E-D that Kenny got kicked off.  I mean really. REALLY.  Amanda nor Alex should even be on this show and you send Kenny home. The Man was so aggreviated he wanted to email the show a not-so-nice email about it.  I don't think he did though! 

3 - Thursday was school registration. Awesome!  This is where you go around the school and prepay and plan for the school year, like update records, purchase uniform items, preorder the yearbook, put money in the lunch account, etc.  It was nice to see everyone and to officially meet Buddy's new teacher. Although I already knew her from youth group, but this is her first year at our school, so its going to be exciting. 

4 - Thursday afternoon, Buddy had his Back-to-School Class Party. Unfortunately siblings weren't invited, ugh! So we didn't go with Buddy.  He went with another friend who didn't have to deal with cranky young ones like LG who don't understand why he wasn't invited. 

5 - I also got to pick up some new and most wonderful cloth diapers for Babe.  I'll be taking pics and posting a longer post about these because I am in love with them!

6 - Last night, LG completed all levels of his Indiana Jones wii game.  He was very, very happy.  Today, he started over. LOL!

7 - I have had no caffeine today.

8 - I registered for a free class at called the Festival of Ideas.  We are in day two, if anyone would like to sign-up. Its free and the gallery is pretty cool.

9 - The blog is 7 posts away from hitting the big 500. FIVE HUNDRED!  hard to believe I've had that much to say. *laughing* But seriously its been great and I've loved every minute of it. I've been trying to think up something special for the big 500.  I'm sure the Man can come up with some cool idea.

10 - Speaking of the Man, he has had a chest cold and it driving M.E. nuts.  I've tried to get him to go to the doctor, but he keeps putting it off.  The cough is getting worse, so he'll likely be going Monday.  

11 - Currently he is at a clay pigeon tournament with some work buddies.  Interesting.

12 - It is also currently 107 degrees outside. I kid you not! 107! Log on to and it'll tell you.  10 of the last 14 days have been over 100 degrees.  Its so HOT and miserable!

Have a safe and cool weekend!  I'll be back soon with some pics.

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