Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fun in the Sun

Kinda of lazy this morning.  Didn't really do much until after lunch.  The Babe just isn't let M.E. get much sleep so I'm alittle draggy.
I managed the energy to go to Walmart.  We were invited over to the Lewis' so we had get some supplies before we headed that way.
When I got home, I found the boys in our very unkept and overgrown backyard going on a "venture" as LG would say.
Buddy apparently lost his pants during this "venture".  They were so sweet playing together. I'm not sure what they had in their backpacks but they were loaded down.

Meanwhile the Man begins cooking or rather fixing.  He made my sister's recipe for cole slaw and during his clean up, he accidently grabbed the food processers blade wrong and nearly sliced the tip of his finger off.
Oh my, it bleed big time and it took us some real doctoring to get him patched up. I really think he should have went to the doctor for stitches but you know men. No go!

Even with the at home ER treatment, we managed to make the cookout on time. 

Babe in their seat and the little lady of the house.  She has just started walking and was so gentle with Babe. I was really surprised at how caring and helpful she was.  Babe really like her too!

They had a little pool in the backyard and the boys played in for awhile, but then Buddy spotted a glove and bat in the toy bucket and had to have a quick jam with the kiddos.  He is so funny about sports. 

The girls.  These are the work friends wives that I hang out with.  They are all super nice and we have a good time talking kids and babies.  Buddy is the oldest of our combined eight children. 

I would talk the Man into leaving at dark so we could get home and see some of the Little League World Series Regionals.  Auburn, WA is in the finals - so we wanted to get home to see them.  They WON!  We then watched the Seahawks before bed.   They would win too! woo-hoo!

PS. Happy Anniversary Grandpa and Nana!

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