Sunday, August 8, 2010

Company Picnic

Today was the Man's compnay picnic which always fun but always too hot.  Having a company outdoor picnic the first weekend in August is like having a beach party in January.  The heat this week has been in the 100s with today being no exceptionl. TOO HOT!  We could only stay for an hour, but got some loot.

The boys head straight for the inflatible for some sliding, running and jumping fun.
LG sliding on Lightning McQueen.

I almost didn't get Buddy in the picture, he was coming down so fast.

the boys didn't last on the inflatible because of the heat.
So we took shade under the big tent for some food and fun.

we played Bingo.

the Man was cheating my using three cards, while I won on one of my cards.  I was really happy to have won.  The lady before M.E. had gotten a $50 gift card to target, I was so excited. I was like woo-hoo scrapbooking supplies, but instead I got a $25 gift card to a mexican resturant (at least we love mexican) and an extra company camp chair.  We totally needed another camp chair so that was awesome.
The grand prize was an iPod Touch, I so wanted that, but didn't win. I was three numbers away and the Man just one away, but we didn't make it.

We then headed back out into the heat so the boys could bungee jump before we headed home.

Last year, Buddy loved this ride/activity.  He did it like three times.  This year, he was alittle apprehensive. 

As he is getting older he's getting alittle less daring.  I don't think he smiled one time while jumping and was nervous to go to high.  Then again, it was about a 1000 degrees, so he was probably just ready to go.
The Man and M.E.  Aren't we adorable?
LG on the other hand, it finally big enough to do things like this and loved it.
The sun was at a bad angle for these pics, but you can see he's having fun.
He jumped pretty high and even did a somersaut or too (on accident). 

Although we had a good time and the give-aways were great, I'm seriously considering email the top dog next year about moving this event to September or better yet October.  The heat was simply ridiculous.

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