Friday, August 6, 2010

First Friday Flashback

Its been over a year since I introduced this concept and I think I only actually did it twice, but in the spirit of getting in the blogging groove - here's an awesome installment of First Friday Flashback, circa 2007.

in our backyard in Kentucky
I remember this day very vividly.  It was a mild, Sunday afternoon in early August and the Man told the boys to go outside and stay outside.
they found some mud to keep them 'outside'
they head back out to the hole
LG with a diaper and pascy - he's so little.
oh my he was dirty
Buddy's not sure if he likes this or not.  I can't believe he is LG currently age in this pic. He seemed so big compared to LG now.
Not sure what Buddy is thinking?
Thanks Buddy for putting mud in your brothers hair.
It would take three different tubs of bath water to get them officially squeaky clean, but it was so worh it. I'm glad I got it all on film.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Those pictures had me rolling! The boys are so little - where does the time go?! Kathy