Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

We have been having so much fun with Nana. I've truly had a vacation from the chaos that is usually my routine. I am not ashes to say that I've not washed a stitch of clothes or a dish since she has arrived and it has been wonderful for ME. Thanks Nana. So here's spittle run down of what we've been up to.
I got a sitter so Nana and I could go to a local arts & crafts fair. It was really nice to get to see everything and of course I made a few purchases. Wanted to get this but thought I could probably make it for Babe myself.

How cut is that.

It was Buddy's 2nd soccer game. Sorry I didn't blog about the first but the pics are on the computer and that I don't have. So Buddy did pretty good at listening and sharing the ball. I was very proud of him.

I didn't manage but one pic and that was him coming off the field. it was hot - mean HOT. We were all dying and Nana and I both were trying to keep Babe put of the sun and cool, but it wasn't happening, so she wound up going to the van with him.
The boys would win though 6-4. Awesome. We are currently 2-0 for the season. Buddy is very happy about that.
We went to the school bookfair after church and I let each of the boys pick out something. LG got a Cars the movie book and Buddy got the first 16 magic tree house books.

I was really happy with his choice and found him reading several times. It was great.
Another busy day here. LG had speech after we took Buddy to school.

Here is outside by the fountain. He's not having as much success this as last with his new teacher. LG is her very first client ever so he's pretty much walking all over her.

But he's too cute and trying to practice his words.
In the afternoon we would head to soccer practice followed immediately by football.

Buddy us in the blue shirt.

He made several pretty awesome plays.

They practice several pass plays with Buddy as a receiver and he did fabulous at catch and running with the ball. There was even a fifth grade brother helping out with practice and Buddy totally got right past him.
Meanwhile LG hung out in the van.

What a face.
It also came a quick 30 second down pour which created this.

It was so pretty.

After practice.

What a kid!
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