Saturday, September 18, 2010

How we spent the Man's birthday

So the Man has a field class on South Carolina this week, Charleston to be exact. Lucky him!
So this morning we had to get up before dawn 3:30 is still the middle of the night for ME and take him to the airport. Nana flew in on Wednesday night to be with ME and the boys such a blessing, so I didn't have to take all the middle to be airport too.
The boys didn't have school today either so we had a great day, slept late, then headed to chuck e cheese with some friends. Always a good time.

I had trouble getting LG to be still for a pick.

Later in the day Buddy and I made a bunch of new mii characters which was so much fun. He is very creative and funny.
In the afternoon and heat of the day he had soccer practice.

Buddy needs to learn how to pass and not be a ball hog.

Like I said it was really hot again so Nana, LG, Babe and I stay in the van mostly.

They read a new Star Wars book I got at the school bookfair. LG loved having Nana read and learn about the guys.

Buddy had a little chat with his coach about passing and stating in position. Good luck with that one, coach.

We had a good Friday and are really happy to have Nana with us. Happy Birthday to the Man! We love and miss you!

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  1. I think Heather's speech worked - he played awesome on Saturday :) Kathy