Saturday, September 4, 2010


Seems like I can't quite get my ducks in a row when it comes to blogging - but in my defense I'm busy. BUSY.

Buddy loves my iPhone and has already downloaded several free games, which he plays every chance he gets.  It even entertains Babe on occassion as you can see. He loves his big brother so much.

We has our vannual Back-to-School Picnic

LG made about ten trips to the food and back only getting one item at a time.  It was pretty funny.  He also thought we were going to be camping at school.  He was very diappointed.

Babe and M.E

Buddy and his friends at the picnic.  Love it.

LG striking a pose of the playground.

We went down to visit a friend, who would take the boys swimming.

Here's their little girl with my boys.  How cute is this? I think she has a major crush on Buddy.

After church, a friend would come home with Buddy and they played hard.  I tried to get their pictures - here's what I got.

First Football Practice

I didn't manage any action shots because my batteries died.

They would remain so all week, so didn't get much captured this week, but life's all good.  I hope everyone has a great Labor Day.


  1. So love the pictures...can't believe how big Babe is getting...miss you guys....

  2. You take great pics of my kids. I love you, M.E.