Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Recapping the last week:

1) LG has said "Shut up and/or Loser" for the last time, because I did this.

He only had the soap in his mouth for about 30 seconds, but he hasn't said a bad word since.  Reminds me so much of Ralphie on a Christmas Story.

2) Buddy says the 2nd grade isn't great, but its OK.

3) My cellphone officially died - in that I could not hear the other person during phone calls.  So now I'm the coolest person I know, just kidding, but I have entered the world of the yuppy masses and got an iPhone.

Its pretty awesome and the Man is soooooooo jealous.

4) Friday the Man and I hosted the
"Can't-afford-a-babysitter-so-come-over-to-our-house" Family Social
We had about 10 school families attend, visit and have some fun getting back into the school grove.  It was pretty awesome!

Some of the Moms enjoying some food and company.

5) Saturday, we laid low and tried to stay out of the heat.  That's when the Man got these cute pics.

He's getting such a personality.  He was being very clinging this day.

6) Aunt Cream sent M.E. these pics of their pumpkins grown in their garden.
75 lbs and 99 lbs of fall goodness.

7) Reading this book again.  I'm thinking with the boys in school now, I might actually manage to get organized and working on my scrapbooks again.

a really good book!

8) Due to the Babe's clinginess on Saturday, we decided to try some cereal on Sunday.
No go! He didn't like it, mainly because he is still too young to chew.  The cereal just sits in his mouth.  We would later put it in a bottle and he would just spit it back out.  Oh well, we'll try again in a month.

9) The Man returned to the doctor yesterday for his bronchitis which isn't much better.  They gave him some steroids this time.  Lungs sounded clear.  I also had to take LG to the allergist.  He was coughing (barking) something fierce in the night and you could really hear him trying to breathe.  I didn't get but 4 hours total sleep Sunday night between him and Babe. The allergist also gave him some steroids to help his airways deal with the inflamation.  He slept much better last night.

10) Spelling Words.
And so it begins - Buddies first batch of spelling words.  He wrote them one time last night.  I'm going to relly try to get him to increase it each night until his test on Friday - don't want him spelling like M.E.

Happt Tuesday!

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  1. Love the soap picture! My best friend did that too with her girls. It's still effective!

    www.spellingcity.com has some cool activities and games. You just type in a spelling list and choose what you want to do.

    Miss you! Angie A