Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Babe Here

It's me, Babe, and I've convinced Mama to let me have a turn at the story telling, so here goes.

I woke Mama and Daddy up earlier than usual.  I knew it was going to be an exciting day of picture taking with Moma's toy. [phone]

Moma and me - I've not crazy about yellow pajamas.

I watch the weather every morning, so I can know if we will be going to the playground or not.

This is Buddy getting ready to get out of the van at school. I like the days when we don't go to school.

Back at home brother plays with the tv.  He does this alot.

This is a picture of my favorite thing. My green ribbon. I love it very much.

Now we take brother to school again.  But this time its after I have breakfast and its sunny.  I will miss him. I like it when he is home with me.

Here's me and Moma as we get ready to clean.  I help Moma alot. I really like laundry.

After lunch I took a nap and Moma got my picture.  I don't usually sleep much because I don't want to miss anything - but with my brothers at school, I took a quick snooze.

After I woke up, I helped Moma with the mail and papers. She has lots of papers.  She gave me veggie puffs. I really like my veggie puffs, although they are hard to pick up.

This is my Moma.

After noon we go to school again to get the brothers. First this one.  I am so happy to see him. I love him so much. 

Then after the bell, this one comes out and I get to see him and all the kids. I love it.  I like it when the girls talk to me. I can't wait to run with them.  I love him so much. And look how excited he is to see me.

Moma won't let me out of the stroller to play - so I took a picture of my feet.

my brother and their friend playing.

Back at home I play with my bird while Moma cooks.  I like this bird and eating his hair.

I really like it when my Daddy comes home.  He plays with me and makes me laugh.  Then its all Moma for the rest of the night.

So there's my day. Thanks for reading.
Thanks Moma for helping me, too!

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