Sunday, October 24, 2010

Then there was one...

I don't think I mentioned this, but when my family was here we all loaded up and went to the fair that was in town.  And on the way there, my good friend Kathy, text to say that they were now the proud parents to 8 goldfish won at the fair. 

Well, this lit a fire under Buddy and he's only purpose for the day became to win goldfish.  After much patience and who know how much money (I told the Man not to tell M.E.) we came home with 3 goldfish.

My mom got pictures.
Here's the three fish acclimating to our water temperature.

The kids watch anxiously.  Buddy was so proud of his winnings.

Later that night while we were all sleeping the Man went and got his tank for the bathroom - home sweet fishy home.

So that was nearly three weeks ago and all was going well until Thursday.  We woke up to find the smallest a.k.a. Jerry -  not swimming.  So while Buddy was at school I took him across the room and left him got to the big pond, a.k.a. the flusher.

Later that same day, Buddy came home from school to find the largest a.k.a. Tom - not swimming. Buddy decided to take care of him on his own and to the flusher he went.

Thus the lone survivor a.k.a Yellow the Fish.

He's pretty lonely but still swimming.

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