Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back on the range!

First day back and trying to recover, this guy showed up in the backyard and nearly scared M.E. to death.

the pics are fussy because I was taking through my dirty bedroom window

You can see the planks in the fence and I estimate he was about 14 - 16" tall.

I alittle scary. And I live in the middle of town.

 These days, LG, Babe and I are spending alot of time at Buddy's practices.  We are at the field three nights a week. On most occasion we are not alone - other siblings join M.E. in the van.  Its pretty fun - most of the time.
 These guys are a mess.
They all three had to be piled in the front seat.
They colored M.E. some pictures.  too fun!

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