Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Travel + Family = Good Times!

Babe and I head back to KY a couple of weekends ago to be there when Sman was baptized.  I think I've already mentioned this and said that someone give M.E. a pic - and they did, my Mom.

Sunrise from the plane ride to from OK to Chicago.

Babe did so fabulous on the plane rides and I got lucky on the way there with extra seat for all our stuff.

My Mamaw and Aunt M at the baptizing on Sunday.

Creekside 'church' where we have our baptizings.


Sman and our pastor in the creek.  The water was a little cold but he did wonderfully. I was over the moon with joy to be there with him.  I was with Aunt Cream throughout her labor and deliver with Sman.  I witnessed him taking his first breathe in this world, and I knew I couldn't miss this either.   Love you so much!

My trip was quick Saturday morning to Monday morning, but it was so worth it.  I must say, I did ok without all my boys.  It was the first time since LG was a baby that I had spent the night away from them (other than when Babe was born) and I was nervous about leaving them, but they did great. And of course, the Man was wonderful.

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