Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Football Season Underway!

Game 1
Well, we broke down and let Buddy play two sports this fall and so far so good.  Soccer started so early that the season is already half over and football is just getting going.  Now that Buddy is in 2nd grade all his games are evening game, which is good and bad.  It doesn't interfere with Saturday soccer, but evening games, mean late and/or bad suppers and getting to bed late which equals grumpy mornings.  But enough of that... Lets recap Game 1!

Here Buddy is recieving a pass from our QB.  We now have a passing game, which is so exciting. (Sorry the pics are blurring, the low light of evening games make it hard to use the sports function on my camera. I will be playing with this all season to come up with a solution)

First drive of the game, we drive down with a complete pass and a QB run to score 6.
We punt the ball and hold the opposing team to 4th down and get the ball back.

At the beginning of the practices, Buddy was a little discouraged because he wasn't the fasted on the team - he only one of two 2nd graders on the team.  But after a few practices, his competive spirirt kicked in and he step up to the challenge to be better than the 3rd graders.
 At half time we were still up 6 - 0. 
We are still learning our passing game and making good decissions.  Buddy would carry the ball several times through out the game.

Buddy isn't as fast as before, but I think it probably only seems that way because the kids are taller and older this season.  But he's not slowing down his determination.

We would win 12 - 0 and the other team never got a first down.  We are quick.
Here's to another great start to football. WooHoo - GO JETS!

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