Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Last week we had a day off from school and M.E. and my friend, Carrie decided to do sometime with the day instead of staying in our pajamas.  We met down at the pumpkin patch for some fall fun.
LG and his friend A feeding the goats.

Buddy was really into feeding the animals this year. He kept going back for more feed. I think he spent $2 on his own money on bags of feed for 4 bags plus the 2 I bought.  I was happy he was into it though.

LG always has fun feeding the animals as he is the animal lover of the family.

The pumpkin walker.

LG climbing pumpkins.

The group shot. 
Its very difficult to get 5 little ones to look at the camera.  And if you will recall when we came to the pumpkin patch last year is was cold and drizzling, much different this year. It was almost hot.

My pumpkin in the pumpkins.

He loved the hay.

Can you believe he's so big? Not quite sitting up on his own, but close.

Couldn't leave the patch without a horse ride.   LG loves to ride.
Look at them.... They are loving this.

New this year, Buddy riding.  The first four pictures I took showed a little too much anxiousness in his face, but by the end I managed this nice happy face. This is probably only the 4 or 5th time he's gotten on an animal of any kind. 

Buddy picks out to cuties instead of pumpkins.

What an awesome big brother!!

We had a really great day at the patch and the kiddos had lots of fun.  We managed to come home with 5 pumpkins, one to represent each of us. I'll post a pic soon.
Happy Fall!

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