Friday, October 15, 2010

Game 2

Left the camera at home so this is from the iPhone.

Very exciting game this week.   We took the field riding the high of our last win and the very first play we score a touch down.  I hadn't even made it to the bleachers yet.  We get our 2 pt. conversion to go up 8 - 0 - just like that. WooHoo! 
The opposing team drives pretty good. They also have passing plays but like us have some trouble completing them. We managed to stop them though about 20 yds shy of the goal line. Buddy managed to get a few flags, much improved on defense from last year.
We'd drive down again and doing ok with our passing game. We complete about 1 out of 3 at this point.  On 4th and goal, they give the ball to Buddy and he runs, cuts and slides to the goal line, only to have his flags pulled just as the ball crossed the goal line.  He was near crushed. Halftime 8 - 0.
Beginning of the second half, the opposing team has the ball and they complete their first pass play to move on down the field. Second pass play, Buddy runs through jumps up and snatches it right out of the air. 
I about go crazy, I'm jumping up and down, screaming run, run, run.  He makes it to the 20 yd before they get his flags.  He was so pumped.  Told you he was getting better at defense. 
They would drive and try, but we never managed a touchdown, nor did the other team.  Thus we win 8 - 0. Fabulous!

If only I had pictures!

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